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Title Location Date
Interface Co-ordinator
Interface Co-ordinator AU 29-Nov-2019
AU 29-Nov-2019
Metro Trains Melbourne EOI AU 27-Nov-2019
Project Engineer
Project Engineer AU 01-Dec-2019
AU 01-Dec-2019
Draftsperson AU 27-Nov-2019
AU 27-Nov-2019
Project Engineer
Project Engineer AU 11-Nov-2019
AU 11-Nov-2019
Overhead Design Engineer
Overhead Design Engineer AU 29-Nov-2019
AU 29-Nov-2019
Signalling Supervisor
Signalling Supervisor AU 01-Dec-2019
AU 01-Dec-2019
Engineering Interface Manager AU 28-Nov-2019
Graduate Planning Analyst
Graduate Planning Analyst AU 04-Dec-2019
AU 04-Dec-2019
Completions Engineer
Completions Engineer AU 20-Nov-2019
AU 20-Nov-2019
Day of Operations Manager
Day of Operations Manager AU 27-Nov-2019
AU 27-Nov-2019
Communication Improvement Officer AU 05-Dec-2019
Cost Controller
Cost Controller AU 22-Nov-2019
AU 22-Nov-2019
Skilled Operative - Track
Skilled Operative - Track AU 29-Nov-2019
AU 29-Nov-2019
Procurement Officer
Procurement Officer AU 15-Nov-2019
AU 15-Nov-2019
Test Assurance & Configuration Engineer AU 29-Nov-2019
Head of Renewals
Head of Renewals AU 01-Dec-2019
AU 01-Dec-2019
Operational Control Systems Manager AU 04-Dec-2019
Senior Training Lead
Senior Training Lead AU 21-Nov-2019
AU 21-Nov-2019
TSO Principal Driver Specialist (Central) AU 29-Nov-2019
Shut Down Manager
Shut Down Manager AU 02-Dec-2019
AU 02-Dec-2019